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Our Players

We come from various musical backgrounds.  You can find out more from our bios shown here.


Sharen Hafner

Music Director, Recorders, Crumhorns

• Music Director for ensembles: Musicke Antiqua and Camerata Antiqua
• Attended College-Conservatory of Music (UC), GA State College
• B.S. in Music Education and Horn, University of Toledo
• Founding member ARS Chapter, Carolina Mountains Recorder Society


Dick Bayley

Recorders, treble Viola da gamba

Dick loved bands from a very early age, later playing bass clarinet and tenor sax in the University of Illinois Concert Band. Also a member of the Andrews University sax quartet. Singer in several ensembles. Ph.D. in Communications and Certificate in Russian Studies, University of Illinois.


Lynn Bayley

Recorders, Violas da gamba

Lynn started cello as an adult when she moved to Michigan. There she began playing the tenor recorder in the Andrews University Early Music Ensemble. When the director learned that she had studied cello, she was encouraged to begin playing the viola da gamba. She began with the bass and later added the tenor.

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